Throwback Thursday - Everyday Packaging: Packing Your Suitcase

We're so close to the long holiday weekend and are ready to pack our bags for a little R&R. In honor of Labor Day weekend, this Throwback Thursday gives some packing tips to make the most of everyday packaging: your suitcase. Enjoy the holiday! So you may be plannin... Read more

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Expertise in action.

When you work with an Ernest expert, you know you've got the best in the business on your team. Our senior design specialists cover a wide range of industries and products. When you're looking for new solutions to your business challenges, their knowledge is a powerful asset that delivers real advantage.

Design Specialists

Mike Martinez

Director of Design Solutions

"Ever improving" is Mike’s motto in life and work. Whether with his family or his customers, he loves to see people invest in themselves and hone their skills. He especially loves showing his customers how they can be more environmentally conscious by eliminating unnecessary packaging materials before they become waste. With over 20 years experience in senior management at a leading manufacturer of corrugated products, he knows what he’s talking about. Ultimately, it all comes down to helping people. His expertise in design, configuring, and impact of the market on supply, costing and contribution margin have made a huge difference for many of our customers. When it comes to saving money and time or finding a better way, Mike is ready to lend a hand.

Tim Andrisani

Inner Packaging,
Senior Design Specialist

Only at Ernest Packaging Solutions will you find a ‘new guy’ that has 10 years of experience in the packaging industry. That’s the case with Tim Andrisani. He brings with him a passion for working with customers to find innovative, cost-effective solutions to the trickiest packaging situations. He’s always focused on helping customers be more successful, whether that means greater impact, better reliability, or groundbreaking sustainability. Tim is always looking for the win-win. Maybe this enthusiasm for the best of all worlds is what brought him to sunny California from the east coast. Tim loves the outdoors, so if you can’t find him in the Ernest office or meeting with a client, you might catch him chasing a ball around the golf course. No matter what he’s doing, he’s always up for connecting with our customers.

Larry French

Cold Chain Solutions,
Senior Design Specialist

Larry is an innovator and an inspiration. He loves collaborating with customers to come up with new solutions. And some of his proudest moments happen when that teamwork results in something with great value. One such experience was when he was able to launch a next-generation insulated pharmaceutical shipper for the medical industry. His background as a systems and chemicals engineer delivers great value to our customers. He often finds himself developing new products and processes to meet unique requirements or solve for special situations. It’s clear he’s in his element when he’s on the leading edge.

Greg Hildreth

Facility, Safety & Sanitary,
Senior Design Specialist

As a lover of nature, Greg is always looking to incorporate green and sustainable products into solutions for our clients. He knows that in many cases it is both environmentally responsible and economically profitable to find products and systems that have the smallest possible impact on the planet. Having worked as a manufacturer’s rep for a chemical company for many years he is an expert in everything from food processing to housekeeping chemicals and understand all the options. In all of his client engagements, he looks for solutions that are going to perform better, save money, and are sustainable, safe and healthy. Ultimately, Greg knows he’s accountable for the effect his actions have on the oceans that he surfs and the mountains where he hikes and camps. Plus, when he helps clients make smart, sustainable decisions, he feels good that he’s setting an important example for his young daughter and helping to improve the Earth she’s going to inherit.

Sean Hunter

Shrink, Stretch & Systems,
Senior Design Specialist

Sean thrives on coming up with new ideas to solve customer challenges. And with more than 20 years of experience specializing in shrink and stretch film products, he’s come up with a lot of solutions. For him, it’s all about being creative – taking the unexpected perspective, exploring new products, and challenging the status quo. That’s why he’s such a great fit here at Ernest, because that’s what we’re about, too. When Sean can help a customer save money, cut down on warehouse space, or lower their process costs, he goes home satisfied with a job well done.

Dave Kavlich

Tapes, Adhesives & Systems,
Senior Design Specialist

Some might say that Dave has a thirst for knowledge. Whether it’s uncovering the latest developments in tapes and adhesives, learning how to play the guitar, listening to live music with his family, or delving into history books and historical novels, he’s always seeking new information and experiences. That willingness to learn has served him well here at Ernest. His expertise in tapes and adhesives is unmatched. Having worked as a sales person and product manager for a manufacturer of double coated tapes, as well as in his own converting business and as a manufacturer rep, he brings a substantial amount of experience and perspective that he is happy to share. He loves going out with Customer Relations Managers to meet with our customers and find out more about their needs. And everyone appreciates the depth of product knowledge and the passion he brings to his specialty.

Terry L. Scott

Facility, Safety & Sanitary,
Senior Design Specialist

Knowing that one of Terry’s favorite books is Quiet Strength by Tony Dungy gives you great insight into who he is as a man, a co-worker and a senior consultant. Having two daughters has given him patience and perspective, which is a gift he brings to his work with our customers. While some of his cool and collected personality comes naturally, he also knows the importance of recharging, whether that means relaxing in Palm Springs, or as he calls it, “camping” at the Hilton. His own quiet strength has helped him expand our product offering and increase its presence across all divisions of the company. Building on his extensive expertise in janitorial and sanitation products and programs, he has helped many of our customers implement custom facilities management solutions to match their unique situation.

Stephen Simich

Creative Design Group

At Ernest, when we think about the phrase “team player” it’s hard not to see Stephen’s smiling face. During over 24 years working with us, he’s shared his passion for living, learning and growing with every employee and many of our customers. Stephen’s background as a mechanical engineer plays an important part in developing the functional aesthetics for our customers’ packaging solutions. But, in truth, it’s his incredible listening skills that ensure he creates package designs his customers love. He asks questions, he explores the brand, and he applies his extensive knowledge of substrates and effective design elements to create the ideal solution. All of his efforts to get things “just right” demonstrate that he’s a man with a genuine heart that loves putting his knowledge to work for others. And that makes him the perfect person to have on your team.

Tim Tisher

Food Packaging & Automation,
Senior Design Specialist

Everyone says great ideas come from thinking “outside the box,” but for Tim, looking inside the box is where amazing savings and solutions come from. He puts his expertise in automation, materials, material design efficiencies, food processing, packaging equipment systems and warehouse optimization to work for all of his clients. Every day he faces creative challenges head-on with the determination to succeed. He just puts one foot in front of the other, the same way he runs marathons. And when you’ve run as many as he has (13 and counting), that adds up to real results. It’s the way he built Ernest’s Food Packaging program and the same way he lives his life.