5 Packaging Strategies to Reach Millennials

Oh, Millennials, how we love to write about you, talk about you, write long-winded think pieces about you. And quietly you just keep moving along and changing the world...seriously, you are. Millennials comprise the largest generational group ever, with 75 million mille... Read more

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We specialize in finding your best packaging solutions. Our team of experts takes your challenges, your budgets, and all your requirements to create custom solutions that will make your product shine (and ship most efficiently).

No two packaging projects are exactly alike, so why rely on a standard solution? For a balance of ideal structure, materials, design, and package experience, counting on Ernest engineers is smart business. Our senior consultants and structural engineers work with you to find your best options, instead of trying to fit you into off-the-shelf answers. We look at every aspect, including materials, design, and your packaging process to, ensure you have the perfect balance of effectiveness and cost efficiency. Whatever your packaging concept or need, we can make it happen.

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